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Windspeed anemometers from Kestrel
Measure wind speed with a Kestrel Anemometer

The team behind have been selling wind speed anemometers and weather stations online since 1994. R-P-R Ltd are recognised as a quality supplier of recreational and professional use handheld anemometers (for measuring wind speed - wind velocity - air speed etc) and home use, domestic weather stations. We currently stock the complete range of KESTREL anemometers including the popular Kestrel 1000 anenometer and the Kestrel 2000 anemometer.

We hope we can be of assistance when buying a Kestrel Anemometer. With a wide range of Kestrel Anemometers from the 1000 with essential wind speed measurements to the top of the range Kestrel 4500 with built in barometric pressure sensor and digital compass. | more | Kestrel Range | Kestrel 1000 | Kestrel 2000 | Other Anemometers | Wind Logger | Pole Mount anemometer | SHOP